The Markets in Paris

Posted on Nov 07, 2013 (13:52 PM)

The Markets in Paris

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Paris is a city that has a market or marché for every passion. Every neighbourhood has its own food market, bargain-hunters can choose between chic antiques or bric-a-brac, while there are also more quirky markets dedicated to textiles, flowers and birds. If you plan on a vacation rental apartment visit to Paris, a trip to the markets is a must. Here are a selection of some of the best markets in the city of Light.

Marché Richard Lenoir

Every neighbourhood in Paris has its own “marché volant” – a flying market – where hundreds of food stalls  appear on a street for one or two mornings each week. Probably, the most acclaimed marché volant is the Sunday market at boulevard Richard Lenoir. There are street entertainers and musicians, and notable stalls include a vintage wine seller, Eduard Mace, and Jacky Lorenzo, Paris’s most famous fishmonger.

Marché de Montreuil

If you are after a bargain, Montreuil market is the place to be. However, be prepared to work for your bargain. Vintage Yves Saint-Laurent stilettos, collectable Pastis water jugs and huge piles of second-hand clothes that start from 50 cents apiece are just a selection of the bargains you may come across. The market is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but the best day to visit is Monday, as there are far less crowds and prices drop significantly.

Marché Biologique Raspail

Perhaps one of the most upmarket markets in Paris, people tend to come here to be seen as much as to shop. It is Paris’s first organic market on the Boulevard Raspail and here you’ll find an American baker who sells English muffins, a bio vigneron whose wine is called Chateau Coccinelle, hand-knitted scarves and gloves and some incredible organic cheeses.The market is open every Sunday morning.

St. Quen Flea Market

St. Ouen market was established around 1870 and is the largest flea market in Paris. It attracts more than 11 million visitors per year and boasts over 2,500 stalls ranging from antiques to fashion and much more. The market is open all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Marché Rue Dejean

This is Paris’s unofficial African market, a bustling bazaar of pungent spices and exotic fruits. Many of the shoppers that come here will wear colourful traditional dress. Stop by during a week day morning (except Mondays as it’s closed) to experience this unique market.

Marché aux Fleurset aux Oiseaux

Running for over two centuries, this is one of the last Parisian markets dedicated to flowers and birds. Unlike any other market in Paris, the flower market is open every day of the week. However, it is only on Sundays that the bird traders arrive, setting up cages with everything from doves to exotic parrots and more unusual bird species.

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